Luoyang bearing industry will keep going strong

Recently, it was learned from the Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information that the Provincial Bearing Innovation Center and other departments have recently jointly issued the "Research Report on China's Bearing Industry in 2020" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), in which Luoyang is mentioned in many places. The "Report" pointed out that, centering on the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the bearing industry in Luoyang has kept going strong, which has contributed a strong "Luoyang power" to the development of the national bearing industry.

On the whole, China has formed five major industrial clusters represented by Luoyang, Wafangdian, Yangtze River Delta, East Zhejiang, and Liaocheng. Last year, the national output of bearings was nearly 20 billion sets, and the industry completed operating income of approximately 193 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase up to 9%. Among them, the overall revenues of Luoyang bearing and related parts production enterprises exceeded 20 billion yuan, and Luoyang has become a comprehensive bearing production base with the most complete variety of bearing products and the widest application in China.

In addition, the development of the bearing industry in Luoyang City presents the following highlights: The industry position continues to be consolidated. According to the "Report", last year there were 117 major enterprises and enterprise groups in the bearing industry across the country, with a total of 93.65 billion yuan in main business income, an increase of 9.81% year-on-year. Among the top ten companies in the industry, Luoyang companies accounted for two, namely Luoyang, which ranked 4th, and Luoyang Xinqianglian, which ranked 6th. Luoyang Xinqianglians business revenue increased by more than 50% year-on-year, and Luoyang Xinqianglian reportedly increased year-on-year. The growth rate of more than 300% has realized the large-scale development of the enterprise.

Platform construction is getting better. The national key research and development plan "Key technology research and application of high-power wind turbine main shaft and speed-increasing box bearing and construction of industrial verification platform" project was launched, marking the entry into the field of high-power wind turbine bearings; Guochuang Bearing won the bid for related projects of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and had started to build the first industrial Internet collaborative cloud platform in China's bearing industry; the Luoyang bearing research institute was awarded the national enterprise technology center; the provincial bearing innovation center with Guochuang bearings as the carrier was awarded the provincial manufacturing innovation center, the shaft research institute, and LUZ Be included in the national "Science Reform Demonstration Action" list of enterprises.