Kollmorgen Servo Pogonski sistem Zmanjšuje OEM stroškov

which reduces costs for OEMs while increasing machine effectiveness and design flexibility. Robust construction in protection class IP67 eliminates the need for protective enclosures, allowing for a smaller and more easily integrated switch cabinet. Because of its size, durability, and IP67 rating, the AKD-N can be mounted in the immediate vicinity of the motor. 

The patented design also allows for substantial cable reduction: The power supply, safety and fieldbus communication are combined in a single cable of only 11 mm, saving machine builders significant control panel space, weight and the related expense. (On the motor side, only one cable is needed for power, brake control and feedback – machine builders can save more than 80 percent in cabling.) The AKD-N’s simple connection technology saves time on assembly, installation and start-up, while the integrated DC connection saves energy during operation. Faster cleaning cycles allow maintenance and service tasks to be completed more quickly.