What are the methods of forming ceramic balls?

There are many methods for forming ceramic ball, but there are only a few high-quality methods. QuanJiao BoYang bearing Co.,Ltd introduces three types of them. 

1.Hand rubbing method

This method is the earliest method used in the production of porcelain balls. The disadvantage is that the shape of the ball is not very regular, but the strength is better than the forming of spheroids. It is mainly used in producing balls whose diameter is more than 20 mm.

2. Extrusion method

Extrusion mainly relies on iron molds to force the clay bar under the action of manpower. It is suitable for a variety of open-hole balls. It is the most affordable method. The disadvantage is that a small part of the balls will have defects and residual edges.

3. Isostatic pressing method

The isostatic pressing method is the most advanced forming process method at the present time. The investment is relatively large compared to other forming methods, but the ceramic balls produced are getting a major improvement in terms of shape and density. At present, many ceramic ball manufacturers have put it into production.

Regardless of the method, each manufacturer should choose the most suitable production method according to its actual conditions. QuanJiao BoYang bearing Co.,Ltd is such an experienced manufacturer in the ceramic ball field.