What are the applications of ceramic bearings?

Ceramic bearing is a perfect combination of new technology, new material and new structure. As the basic part for the rotation of carrier machinery, it has been widely used in various special environments and harsh environments due to its excellent performance unmatched by metal bearings. Because of its high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, magnetic resistance, low density, high strength and other properties,it is getting more and more popular in the world of new materials.

In the past ten years, it has been widely used in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood. In the fields of aerospace, navigation, nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical industry, light textile industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, new energy, food, locomotive, subway, high-speed machine tools and scientific research and defense military technology, it needs to be in high temperature, high speed, deep cold, Inflammable, explosive, strong corrosion, vacuum, electrical insulation, non-magnetic, dry friction, easy to rust and other special working conditions, the indispensable role of ceramic bearings is gradually being recognized. With the continuous progress of processing technology and the increasing level of technology, the cost of it has continued to decline. It has been applied in a small range of high, precision and sophisticated areas from the past, and has gradually been extended to various industrial sectors of the national economy. Mass production has gradually brought the market price closer to practicality, reaching a level acceptable to users. Tested in batches and long-term use in different industries. Many successful cases have realized the advantages of maintenance-free, long life, high stability, and low cost brought by ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings. 

Ceramic bearings and ceramic balls have moved from the research and trial production stage to the stage of mass production, and the wave of large-scale application has surged.QuanJiao BoYang bearing Co.,Ltd is so serious in ceramic bearing producing that we have won a lot of trust and coorperation from our customers both at home and overseas.