How many lubrication methods for stainless steel thrust ball bearings do you know?

Stainless steel thrust ball bearings are not easy to rust, but improper operation will also lead to rust, so it is necessary to lubricate the bearings. The main lubrication methods used are the following two:

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1. Continuous lubrication

   Generally, the oil ring is used to install on the journal, and its lower part is gradually pulled into the stainless steel bearing. If the stainless steel bearing is wide, you can use a double oil ring for lubrication; second, the gear rotates, the lubricating oil is thrown into the box, and collected into the stainless steel bearing for lubrication. This method can continuously lubricate stainless steel thrust ball bearings.

 2. Intermittent lubrication

   Add oil or lubricant to stainless steel bearings regularly, but this method is only suitable for the lubrication of low speed, light load and non-core components. Oil can be added regularly by hand, or it can be dropped into stainless steel bearings for lubrication.

Lubrication method is very important. Choosing the correct lubrication method can extend the service life of stainless steel thrust ball bearings.